Saturday, September 12, 2009

Obligatory Introduction

Ok! So I have a blog now. o.O Never done one of these before, seriously. Heh. I guess I should start by telling anyone who happens upon this a bit about the writer, no?

Well, I'm 27 years old, currently living in Plantersville, Texas with my mom and dad. Yes, I know, "27 and still living at home?!" Think what you will, but I will spare you the boring details. Maybe if you ask later, I'll try to explain the series of events that lead me to my current.....'situation.' >_> Moving on!

I am about 6 feet tall...dirty blonde hair (quite messy when it grows out, though I do try to keep it buzzed short), blue eyes. Fascination with dinosaurs and a collecting tendency that borders on a disorder. *laughs* Shells, books, insects...and other, more odd ends. :3 I am quite proud of my collection of Dinosaur-related things, which includes a hand-painted and stand-mounted model (complete with name-plate) of a Tyrannosaurus Rex that I paid 100$ for a few years back at the Houston Museum of Natural Science and an original hard-back and autographed copy of Stephen Kellog's book Prehistoric Pinkerton, from when I was in Elementary School. I've been fascinated with Dinosaurs since I was about 6, so I have been collecting for a while. ^.^;;

If you haven't been able to tell yet, I have sort of been drawn into the whole 'internet chat smilie' thing. Heh...Everything from the usual ':P' and ':)' to the not-so-common '^._.^' which I have taken to using quite often. :3 I actually came up with that one as a smiling sauropod face, which both shows how addicted to dinosaurs I am and how sad I can be. *laughs*

I love laughing and making people laugh, so I tend to tell a lot of bad jokes and puns. :P I come across as a very silly personality a lot of the time, but when I have need, I can have a serious discussion with the best of them (though if they become too heated, I am prone to trying to ease the tension with the odd, somtimes poorly-placed, joke. heh).

I guess you know why I called my blog "Long-Winded One" now, huh? :P I tend to ramble about things, especially when typing. But usually, I try not to repeat. That is just annoying. o.o'

Anyhow! That is me! If you wanna know anything I left out, just ask. I'm not shy (not on the internet, anyway. XD)!

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